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Common questions
What do you want to know about the RUFSTER products ? Find below 10 of the most frequent questions along with our answers and advices.
Common questions
What do I need to know when I'm looking to purchase a roof ?
The first information that is required is the type of your roof and it's dimensions.
The RUFSTER representative will ask you for a drawing or a blueprint of the roof in order to calculate the necessary materials.
The easiest way would be for you to have or to ask for the framing plan from your architect. In case you don't have the information, you can ask the RUFSTER representative for a set of measurements of your roof.
Can I install the roofing system myself ?
RUFSTER recommends you call qualified persons that have experience in the field. The roofing system is complex and the purchased materials will fulfill their function only if they are installed properly. You also need to take into account the laying of the roof membrane and the assembly of the drainage system as important steps in completing the installation. The products are covered by the Warranty only if they have been properly installed by professional people that guarantee the work.
Do old roof have to be removed in order to install a RUFSTER roofing system ?
The RUFSTER metal roof tile and trapezoidal sheet can easily be laid over existing asphalt board, bitumen shingle or standing seam sheet roofing.
The old covering will thus have the role of strengthening the deck insulation and the placement of the battens and counter battens is made as usual. In the case of old ceramic or concrete tiles, they have to be removed and the battens must be replaced.
How long does it take to install a roof ?
One advantage of the RUFSTER roofing panels is that they cover very much in a short time.
With useful panel width between 1170 mm and 1200 mm and with lengths of up to 4 m, a 200 sqm roof may be completed in almost three days, depending on the experience of the workmen and the complexity of the roof.
How much does the roof influence the structure of my house ?
Usually, when a house is being designed, there is also established the type of roof it will be having.
This means that if you have chosen a house with a medium structure resistance you cannot install heavy materials on the roof, like ceramic tiles.
In the case of RUFSTER roof systems, you have the advantage of lightweight materials which makes them useful in a broader range of projects.
How much does a RUFSTER roof weigh ?
Depending on the type of profile, the RUFSTER panels weigh between 3,6 - 4,3 kg/sqm. This means that in the case of a 200 sqm roof, the roofing system will weigh around 800 kg.
By comparison, a roof of the same surface covered with bitumen shingle will weigh around 2 tons and one covered with ceramic tiles over 8 tons.
Another advantage of steel panel roofing is the ease with which you can manipulate it, resulting in a light installation, without having to use special lifting equipment.
What kind of maintenance does a RUFSTER roof require ?
The steel sheets get cleaned easily by natural means being washed by the rain. Still the piling up of residues and sediments during the year can affect the special coatings that protect the steel core from corrosion. These can also lead to clogging of the gutters and outlets which stops water from draining properly from the roof. A periodic maintenance, once or twice a year is recommended in order to avoid problems.
Aren't there any problems with condensation during winter and overheating of the steel sheet during summer ?
The RUFSTER roof membrane stops condensation from penetrating through the roof and it discharges it into the gutters. At the same time, the membrane allows vapors to circulate from the inside towards the exterior.
In the case of overheating metal, this does not affect the interior thermal conditions because it is separated by the insulation layer of either the attic walls or the attic floor.
The steel roof system works with the rest of your home's elements in order to ensure optimal conditions all year round.
How will I receive my order ?
All the steel products, depending on their type, are delivered on wooden support (the roofing or cladding panels, the profiled elements or the flat sheet) and in cardboard boxes (the elements of the drainage system).
Also, the steel products are covered in protective foil that has to be removed during installation.
Your order will be delivered according to the necessary materials for your project, ready to be installed with as little material loss as possible.
What does the Warranty specifically cover ?
All the RUFSTER products are accompanied by a Warranty Certificate which guarantees that our steel products will not be affected by corrosion during the time periods we mention.
If you want to find out more about the Warranty and see all the conditions
of the certificate, please go to the “Warranty Certificate” page.
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