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Installation instructions
Installation of the RUFSTER metal roof tile and the other types of roofing and cladding products is a task with normal precision, it requires attention and should be done by qualified persons following the general rules of construction work.
Installation instructions
RUFSTER recommends that the installation is made by qualified personnel with experience in the field.

Installation of the roof system is carried out according to the construction blueprints or plans made by the architect.
sipcuire The battens

The wooden battens and counter battens are used to fasten the roof membrane on the deck and to create the support needed to later install the roofing panels.
The counter battens are fixed along every rafter, at a maximum distance of 80 cm between each other.

The battens are fixed from the eaves towards the ridge, starting from a distance of 38 cm from the eaves and continuing every 35 cm until the ridge. In the case of the 400 mm metal roof tile module, the batten distances increase by 5 cm.
When preparing the main panels for installation, keep in mind the direction of natural flow of water on the roof and the way the panels must overlap. The metal roof tile is used for roof slopes between 14° and 90°. If the pitch is lower than 14°, the water flow will not be natural and not all the water will be drained.
panotaj The panels

The installation of the main roofing panels must begin at the eaves, towards the ridge, from the barge rafters. The direction is from right to left and the panels must overlap as is presented in the drawing.
The RUFSTER metal roof tile panels should overlap in length as low as 30 mm. This way there is a decrease of material that need to be purchased in order to cover the surface, at the same time maintaining the necessary overlap for a strong joining of the panels.
fixare The screws

The metal roof tile is fixed using the self-drilling screws with EPDM washer that are available in every color so that they match the main material thus becoming less visible after installation.
The panels are attached to the battens using the 4,8 x 35 mm screws. The screws are applied every other batten (every other sheet curl) resulting 8 screws/sqm.

When fastening the panels to each other or fixing the profile elements the 4,8 x 25 mm screws are used, between 2 - 4 screws/m (linear), depending on the joining areas.
We recommend using an electrical screwdriver for an easier installment of the panels.
The RUFSTER roofing or cladding systems need a periodic maintenance mostly consisting of cleaning the various residues and sediments that can affect the protection coating of the material and ensuring the free flow of water thru the drainage system by clearing the gutters, downpipes or outlets.

Any surface scratches can be treated with retouch paint.
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