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AQUA 3D metal roof tile
The particular property of AQUA 3D is the outline cutting of the first and last edge. This results in a unique appearance of the roof, giving a fluency and a smooth transition of the metal tile panels towards the eaves.
The shapes created by the outline highlight the pleasant look of this model.
The AQUA 3D profile is attractive and efficient, it’s trendy and suitable for any roof project.
Declaration of Conformity

AQUA 3D metal roof tile manufactured according to SR EN 14782:2006 with tolerances according to SR EN 508-1:2008.

  Warranty Certificate

Depending on the surface coating,
AQUA 3D metal roof tile is covered by the following warranties:

Technical information
Zinc quantity:
Main material:
Surface coating:
  0,45 mm, 0,5 mm or 0,55 mm
225 - 275 g/m2
prepainted steel sheet
between 3,8 - 4,2 kg/m2
- glossy polyester
- mat structural polyester (MS)
- MPR super-poliester (MPR)
Total width:
Useful width:
Profile height:
Module length:
Step height:
Panel length:
Roof pitch:
  1200 mm
1125 mm
23 mm
350 mm or 400 mm
20 mm
between 0,45 m and 6 m
min. 10° - max. 90°
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