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The Production Unit
RUFSTER has modern production lines, completely automated, with computer managed out-turn that conveys a great deal of precision to the technological flow.

The Unit is new, with a surface of nearly 2.200 sqm, equipped with two slide cranes, drive-in loading and unloading capacity and covered storage spaces, both interior and exterior, with a surface of over 1.500 sqm.
The Production Unit
With a production capacity of over 1,5 million sqm per year, with two metal roof tile lines and a trapezoidal sheet double line, with constant investment in base material stocks, RUFSTER is planning to develop a national distribution network.

The production is based on the customer orders we receive and the reseller needs, so that the end-user can obtain the products according to his exact request, fitting the requirement of his project, without material loss or excess, delivered in due time to the working site, ready for installation.

Besides the products manufactured in the Production Unit, RUFSTER also offers complementary products for the roofing and cladding systems: roof membrane, drainage system and installation accessories, all of good quality.
The main production lines

two automatic metal roof tile lines - for manufacturing the profile types AQUA, AQUA 3D, and TERRA

one automatic trapezoidal sheet double line - for manufacturing the profile types R 12A, R 12F, R 18A and R 18F

one automatic ridge line - for manufacturing the rounded ridges for the roof system

one automatic flat sheet line - for cutting the flat sheet to standard dimensions

one automatic slitter line - for cutting the flat sheet to special dimensions

two standard abkant machines - for manufacturing the steel flashings for the roof system

one special abkant machine - for manufacturing the steel facade cassettes

RUFSTER Producator tigla metalica, producator tabla cutata   RUFSTER Producator tigla metalica, producator tabla cutata   RUFSTER Producator tigla metalica, producator tabla cutata
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